The Building

The goal for this proposed development is to create a unique and high quality mixed-use project. In keeping with the City of Kelowna Official Community Plan’s growth goals for the neighbourhood, the proposed project’s architecture will convey a strong sense of authenticity and community by using good urban design practices. By carefully designing every part of this project with privacy and functionality in mind, its residential and commercial uses are seamlessly joined to create a civic icon that will promote a satisfying living and working experience.



The Bellevue - Aerial View
Aerial view of The Bellevue and surrounding neighbourhood.
  • 9 homes each ~2173 SqF
  • 6 Commercial Units Consisting of:
    • Technology Office
    • Co-working Space
    • Pharmacy
    • Medical Office
    • Local Artisan Restaurant
  • High-quality concrete construction, finished with traditional red brick.
  • Architectural detailing and guardrails made with dark metal will simulate traditional wrought iron.
  • Brick red sidewalks and public plazas create a strong sense of place on a busy roundabout.
  • A public plaza with built-in wood seating is softened with evergreen landscaping.
  • The entire plaza is lushly landscaped, where even the parking ramp is softened with vines and shrubs.
  • A commercial retail unit located in the P1 parking level brings life and activity to the entrance zone at the bottom of a landscaped ramp.
  • The commercial spaces at grade are served by parking stalls inside a uniquely landscaped P1 parking level providing ample parking in a safe, covered and pleasing space. The P1 parking level has two landscaped light wells and high ceilings, turning a space that is typically dark and cramped into an inviting “foyer”.
  • Evergreen plantings soften wrap-around balconies and roof overhangs at all floor levels.
  • Horizontal massing makes the building appear smaller and lower.
  • Stepped massing on the west elevation transitions the project’s four storey massing on Lakeshore Road to the single-family massing of the neigbour to the west, to avoid overlook and maintain privacy.
Ramp to underground parkade below The Bellevue
Moving into The Bellevue
  • Exit stairs and the residential common hallways are exposed and open to Lakeshore Road, enlivening the public face of the proposed development, in lieu of a blank wall. Combined with the landscaped planters, the building will quietly fit in with the other buildings on the roundabout.
  • The commercial units are almost completely surrounded by glass, making the ground level open and transparent. From any perspective, the commercial units will add an inviting civic presence to the roundabout.
  • In a hot summer climate, overhangs and locating the largest plaza north on the site will allow community users to find shade. The plaza on the west will be a quiet and sunny alternative during the spring and fall.
  • Shading for the residential units is provided by the balcony above. Each unit’s outdoor balcony space has a balance of full sun and full shade.
  • Residential parking is on a partial P2 level, where each unit will have a private secure garage with combined bike storage. The residential units will share two guest parking spaces.
Ramp to underground parkade below The Bellevue
View of The Bellevue from Lakeshore Road, looking west.
View from Lakeshore Road, looking west.
View of The Bellevue from Collett Road, looking south.
View from Collett Road, looking south.