Large Terraced Homes built with traditional brick and concrete.

The Perfect Neighbourhood

Nestled between the Upper and Lower Mission — mere minutes from Downtown Kelowna — 4638 Lakeshore belongs to a remarkably intimate neighbourhood. Little shops and eateries intricately weave into the residential fabric of this community. There is a discovery around every corner. You will want to walk and bike. Everywhere.

  • Large Terraced Homes and a ground level commercial plaza complete a corner at the gateway between rural and suburban Kelowna.
  • Traditional red brick, concrete construction and lush garden planters at every level combine to make a demure background building that will be a community gathering place.

“As resident of Collett Road, Kelowna ~ I am writing my approval of the proposed property development as mentioned in 'subject'.

Thank you Steve for your time on multiple occasions to explain your plans of development of this neighbourhood property. I feel it is a positive step forward. Your enthusiasm to keep this area a fun neighbourhood, by placing action in areas of convenient shopping, a place for socializing & with an ambience of tree/shrub landscaping are all positive services.

Commercial & residential occupancy, will suit this corner with what designs you Steve & architect have designed.

From my property, 3 lots behind proposal ~ it has been confirmed that this structure of 4 stories will have no impact or interference, with presently experienced sun rises or with respect to my continued privacy.

All the best to you Steve & your team at Strandhaus Developments Inc.”

Sincerely, L. C.

“As much as we sometimes don’t like change, it is inevitable as time goes on. The old Minstrel Cafe site has had its pros and cons for the immediate residents when it was operating, mostly lack of adequate parking and the subsequent spill over into the neighbourhood. Your design for the future use of this property has addressed this problem plus, the overall architecture gives the building some character, not just a big box as is so prevalent in many similar structures being built around town. Your attention to the shape and landscape features of the property, for the most part, make this development fit in with what is happening at this intersection. It should complement the development that Worman Commercial is undertaking across Lakeshore Rd. We can see there will be minimal impact to the agricultural property to the South. The properties to the West, of which we are one of, will have the most visual impact, both looking at and being looked upon. Your efforts to shield us by trees and design of the building we hope will mitigate this. Thank you for engaging us in this process and we hope that you can do a great job to make this development impact Andrew and Helen as little as possible."

Aaron & Kathy Kunstar

“Very interesting talking to you about your plans… I had time to look at your proposal. We like it- so smart the parking underground with the rooftop patio/potential garden area. I thought your structure is very attractive and blends well with the new commercial developments in the area. The frontages are inviting and attractive ,the floorplan layouts look well-thought out and liveable. Heights work well with the surrounding topography.

Good luck to you and we will be watching to see what happens. Thankyou for the opportunity to comment.”

Pam Bullock, Mike and Lizzy's U-Pick

“Dan and I were reviewing the plans for The Bellevue at 4638 Lakeshore Road. We felt we should send you a note of congratulations and express our support for this project. The concept and design will be a real asset to the Mission area, and will contribute to the ongoing evolution of the neighbourhood. The building you proposed is really unique and quite beautiful, as well as functional. We really like the mixed use approach chosen. We wish you good luck with this project, and look forward to seeing construction underway. Please keep us informed as to progress with The Bellevue.”

Deb & Dan MacDonald